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The Mirco Village, terrace homes explore a new idea of articulated narrow lot frontages that create an elevated perspective to a previously imposed conservative way of design. The project expresses a tactile palette of materials including blockwork, concrete and timber as a juxtaposition to the streetscape.

The micro lot movement is believed to be the smallest freehold residential lots in Australia, and is comparatively tiny on the Gold Coast. The tiny home trend has emerged across the world, as an answer to increasing populations and property prices.

The Southport CBD is the only area that is approved for this type of development, as it’s zoned a PDA (Priority Development Area) by Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland State Government. This type of zoning is not allowed anywhere else in the city or Queensland, as the blocks the terrace homes are built on, are zoned highrise with unlimited height restrictions and reduced redtape.

This is to encourage unrestricted development, so it’s interesting to see the zoning also works the other way on a PDA highrise site, allowing for finite freehold blocks to be built on a highrise zoned development sites. In effect, this will add character to the CBD and Southport in years to come. I love it!!!

Formspace Building Design is proud to be partnering with Greenstreet Homes in delivering the design of this project