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The  art  of  eco-efficient  &  innovative building designs
We work with you to appreciate how you live your day to day, and what your home plan thoughts and preferences are. We form a home that will better serve your wants today and into the future.. a home design that is uniquely yours.
Innovation from us,
Designed for you.

The Formspace story

Formspace Building Design is a multi-award winning design practice. It is a client-focused, building design firm founded by Sean Kirkland.

We design innovative, creative, site-specific homes, not houses. We are inspired by our rocky surroundings, modest materials, cultivating building forms, and individual spaces


'There’s a difference, between a job and a career. And then, there’s the leap of confidence to realise a calling, to fulfill a dream'.

BDQ Award Winners 2021 Formspace Building Design

Regional Multi-Residential up to 3 Storeys

Regional Conceptual/Unbuilt project

State Multi-Residential up to 3 Storeys

State Conceptual/Unbuilt project

Local & State Winners 2021

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